Pterygium & Pinguecula

Both of these conditions are abnormal growths on the surface of the eye and both have similar symptoms and causes.  However they are slightly different conditions and may require different treatments.


A pterygium can be seen as a pink fleshy wedge shaped growth extending from the conjunctiva (clear protective layer covering the white part of the eye) to the cornea (clear window on the front of the eye). Depending on the size of the pterygium, it can affect the vision and may need to be surgically excised.


A pinguecula can be seen as a fleshy cream to yellow colored growth on the conjunctiva (the clear protective layer covering the white of the eye). Unlike a pterygium, it does not extend onto the cornea. In some cases a pinguecula can progress to become a pterygium.


  • Foreign body sensation
  • Dry, irritated eyes
  • Red, inflamed eyes
  • Blurred, distorted vision (pterygium only)


  • Environmental
  • History of a lot of time spent outdoors
  • UV light
  • Windy, Dusty conditions

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