Wellness Eye Exams

At Wadzinski Eye Clinic we offer routine eye examinations for those who have perfectly healthy eyes. Dr. Haeker knows how important your vision is to you and we want you to maintain excellent vision and healthy eyes throughout your life with regular wellness exams.

If you need an exam for new glasses, contacts or just a wellness exam, simply call or contact us for an appointment today.

Common Exam Conditions

Wellness exams are exams that are considered routine exams for people who have no known medically related eye disease, but still need to have their eyes checked on a regular basis.

Myopia (nearsightedness)

Myopia causes blurred vision far away unless it is corrected with glasses or contacts.

Hyperopia (farsightedness)

Hyperopia causes eye strain to see clearly and sometimes blurry vision. The vision is often blurrier with reading up close than at a distance. Hyperopia is corrected with glasses or contacts.


Astigmatism also causes blurring or distortion of the vision and is corrected with glasses or contacts.


Presbyopia causes blurring of the vision with reading as we grow older. Presbyopia is due to the lens inside the eye losing the ability to focus as it becomes less flexible with age. Presbyopia is corrected with glasses or contacts.

There are additional Wellness exam conditions involving the focusing of the eyes in younger people and the binocular visual system (the ability of the eyes to work as a team).

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