Contact Lenses

Congratulations on your decision to join the millions of people who enjoy contact lenses. At Wadzinski Eye Clinic our professional staff works with each patient to determine the best option for your vision and for the health of your eyes. We know contact lenses are an excellent option to provide you with clear comfortable vision throughout the many phases of life.

To maintain a lifetime of healthy clear contact lens wear the doctor and the contact lens wearer need to be diligent in focusing on regular routine contact lens exams. These exams will confirm there are no ocular side effects from the contact lens wear. In addition, the exam includes careful review of the contact lenses care regimen, wear schedule and replacement schedule. Often as your visual needs and the physiology of your body changes the type of contact lens needs to be updated to the changes in your visual system.

Types of Contact Lenses

Regardless of the type of contact lens you and your eye care professional decide upon, you will first need a thorough eye exam to determine if the ocular surface is at its healthiest state. Once that is determined you will have a contact lens consultation with our Optometrist. She will use her expertise to determine which type of contact lens is best suited for you and your needs. If you are interested in contact lenses please call us and set up an appointment for an eye exam and contact lens consultation at (712)226-3937.

Hints and Tips for Successful Contact Lens Wear

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